Mood Boards as Writing Tools

A lot of authors use implements to assist them in the creation of their books. While music is not something I utilize for writing, visuals totally are. I make mood boards for my characters, settings, and for the book itself. I even use stock photos that closely resemble my characters in the profiles I outline for them. For a word-slinger, I’m awfully visual. What tools & implements do you use to help you visualize your creations?

How I Know I’m a Writer #001

Am I insane? Tell me other writers do this so we can be insane together.

Reason No. 001: I’ll see a cute guy, and instead of approaching him, I’ll sink deep into imaginative thought, and five minutes later–after he’s long gone–catch myself concluding my summation of the entire hypothetical relationship, like, “We’d realize we only stayed together for the kids.” Am I insane? Tell me other writers do this, so we can be insane together.

Do you have any writerly quirks? I’d love to hear them in the comments.

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