Desire and Social Distance

To have someone understand your mind is a different kind of intimacy.

Greyson Jameson is the CEO of a New York publishing house. Elena di Marco is a sophomore novelist struggling with writer’s block in Buffalo, NY. Twenty years ago, Greyson was her writing professor. Elena was his star student with an obvious crush. The affection was mutual, but Greyson was too by-the-book to make his feelings known.

Now, two decades later in 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, they reunite when Greyson realizes the romance author who’s been missing all her deadlines – Vivica von Valentine – is the pen name for his former student and unrequited love, Elena. Under the guise of assuring her book makes it to publication on time, Greyson barges into Elena’s meeting and takes over her languishing book project personally. But his intentions are anything but pure.

Ordinarily, Elena would be overjoyed to have her old flame working so closely with her again. However, she’s been keeping a secret that will make it impossible for her to be with Greyson–a secret that becomes increasingly harder to hide.

But Greyson has a dark secret of his own, and if it catches up with him, it could destroy them both.

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