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Sophia Thorne (Tamara Burross Grisanti) holds a BA in English Literature and has 10 years of literary editing experience. She has worked with hundreds of authors on short stories, poetry, and novels, and has published thousands more as the founding Editor-in-Chief of Coffin Bell Journal, a journal for speculative fiction and literary horror. She is also the founding Editor-in-Chief of the forthcoming online mag for romance authors, Dark Enchantments Romance Mag, and creator of its author interview series. She is finishing her debut romance novel, Desire and Social Distance, which is book one of The Distance Duet, and is tentatively releasing the first novel in 2022, with book two, Time Is the Greatest Distance, to follow in 2023.


I am a meticulous, detail-oriented editor who champions authors’ authentic voices, and helps writers coax their words into perfection. I am a copy editor, line editor, and developmental editor specializing in romance, erotica, thriller, literary fiction, speculative fiction, memoir, and literary horror.

If you are wondering if my editing style will work for you, you can request a sample edit. All sample edits require a nonrefundable $25 fee, have a 7 day turnaround, and consist of a 2,000-word text sample as a .doc, .docx, or Google Drive link.

If you decide to choose me as your editor, both you and your work will be shown the utmost care, respect, and attention throughout the editing process. Whether you need copy edits or content editing, I will work closely and collaboratively with you to take you from draft to masterpiece.


  • A deposit of 50% is due at the time of booking for all editing services.
  • I use “track changes” in Word or Google Drive.
  • I use The Chicago Manual of Style and The Merriam-Webster Dictionary.
  • The remainder of your balance will be due before the final edits are sent over.
  • If using the Testimonial Discount, the testimonial will be due before final edits are sent over.
  • I offer referral discounts to clients. If you’d like to refer a friend for a discounted referral rate, email me at darkenchantmentsedits@outlook.com and I will give you a custom client referral code, and disclose the referral rate for your friend and for you.
  • I do offer payment plans, so if you would like to discuss your options, you may send an email to darkenchantmentsedits@outlook.com to request more info.

is about determining if my editing style is a good fit for you.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all sample edits require a nonrefundable $25 fee at time of service.
  • Sample texts consist of max 2,000 words, are in Times New Roman 12-point, double spaced font, and delivered as a Word document (.doc, .docx) or a Google Drive link.

is about spelling, grammar, and punctuation; takes place after developmental and line editing; and involves me looking for such things as:
  • spelling
  • grammar
  • punctuation

COPY EDITING: starting at $0.007 / word

The final quote will be determined on an individual basis.

Turnaround time for an average 50,000-word manuscript is 5 days

is about voice, style, and your writing as a whole at the sentence and paragraph level; takes place after developmental editing and before copy editing; and involves me looking for such things as:
  • subject-verb agreement
  • pronounce reference / agreement
  • fragments & run-ons
  • language, voice & style
  • spelling and proper word usage
  • parallel structure
  • awkward phrasing
  • comma and semicolon use
  • plurals and possessives
  • word choice, overuse, and redundancies
  • sentence flow, melodic prose, readability, paragraphing
  • plot, character, scene, and detail consistency (i. e.: car was blue in one chapter, silver in another; name of boyfriend different in two different chapters, etc.)
  • showing vs. telling
  • ensuring words are received the way you intend them to be (tone, clarity, language, -isms)

LINE EDITING: starting at $0.008 / word

The final quote will be determined on an individual basis.

Turnaround time for an average 50,000-word manuscript is 7 days & includes multiple rounds of editing.

is about the story and characters, and takes place after line & content editing, and involves me looking for such things as:
  • plot / subplots
  • characterization & character arcs
  • unresolved threads & scene placement
  • use of side characters
  • content relevancy
  • plausibility & fact-checking
  • ambiguous scenes
  • steam and romance fulfillment
  • mystery satisfaction
  • use and placement of conflict, tension, & pacing
  • use, structure, & placement of dialogue
  • unnecessary passages
  • build up of tension
  • overall writing style and consistency
  • and much, much more!

DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING: starting at $0.013 / word

The final quote will be determined on an individual basis.

Turnaround time for an average 50,000-word manuscript is 7 days & includes multiple rounds of editing.



I am offering new clients a special discounted rate! For a limited time, get a developmental edit, line edit, and copy edit of your manuscript for $0.008 / word. This rate requires client to write an honest testimonial following editing services and is for new clients only. Use code: TESTDISCf22. *The $25 fee is waived for new clients wishing to obtain a sample edit prior to obtaining this service–just specify you want the code but want a sample edit first.


I am offering returning clients a loyalty rate. If I have edited for you before, use code: LOYLDISCf22 in your contact form and I will email within 24 hours with your discounted rate.

Request Services

To request a sample edit or services, please send an email to darkenchantmentsedits@outlook.com. For more information about what to include in your email, see Request A Sample Edit.

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