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The Distance Duet by Sophia Thorne

Book One: Desire and Social Distance
Book Two: Time Is the Greatest Distance

None of this was supposed to happen.


I wasn’t supposed to be newly divorced and starting my life over again at 39. I was not supposed to become an essential worker at a bank call center during the outbreak of a deadly pandemic. And I definitely was not supposed to have fallen in love with my former professor from twenty years ago over the internet while trying to mend my already-broken heart. But one lonely night after my shift at work, I ran across a friend suggestion on Facebook that stopped me mid-scroll. We only had one mutual friend, but I knew his face practically better than I knew my own. It was Greyson Jameson, my former American literature professor at the University of Tennessee. I hadn’t seen or spoken to him in twenty years, yet there he was, looking shockingly good.


The University of Tennessee sent our asses home at the beginning of March, which is when I reconnected with my star student from two decades ago, Elena di Marco. I remembered her vividly. She had been a cute girl, to be sure, but in the intervening years she had become a ravishingly sexy woman. It isn’t enough that the world is burning outside–I have to go and fall in love with a former student via Facebook Messenger. As if my life wasn’t already complicated enough with my estranged wife away in rehab since the revelation of her affairs, and my two kids home from school with me 24/7. But I just couldn’t help myself. Usually I pride myself on my dominance and ability to exert control in any situation–but with Elena my restraint went out the window, leaving only one uncertain path into the future before me.

But then disaster strikes…

When Greyson’s wife’s rehab center closes down for quarantine and she is forced to move back in with Greyson, the burgeoning romance between Greyson and Elena seems as though it might not survive.

But distance is not always a matter of proximity, and there are ways to touch one another that don’t involve bodily contact. As Elena and Greyson’s involvement escalates, so does what hangs in the balance–and neither of them will emerge from this unchanged.

A Note from Sophia Thorne

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~ Sophia

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