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Sophia Thorne

Sophia Thorne holds a BA in English Literature and has 10 years of editing experience. She has worked with hundreds of authors on short stories, poetry, and novels, and has published hundreds more as the founding Editor-in-Chief of Coffin Bell Journal, a journal for speculative fiction and literary horror.

Sophia is a meticulous, detail-oriented editor who champions authors’ authentic voices, and helps writers coax their words into perfection. She is a line editor and developmental editor specializing in romance, erotica, thriller, literary fiction, speculative fiction, memoir, and literary horror.

Sophia will provide a free three-chapter edit and consultation, and if you decide to choose Sophia as your editor, both you and your work will be shown the utmost care, respect, and attention throughout the editing process. Whether you need line edits or content editing, Sophia will work closely and collaboratively with you to take you from draft to masterpiece.

“I needed to hear what Sophia told me in her feedback. She is what I call a ‘teaching editor’ who explains her every decision, and I came away from this experience knowing so much more and feeling so enriched as an author. I will be using her services again.”

Literary Horror Novelist Client

“I was positively blown away by the insightful editing Sophia gave my work. I have never worked with a more talented editor, and she will edit all of my future books going forward!”

Romance Novelist Client

Fill out the form below, and Sophia will email you to obtain your three chapters for the sample edit, and schedule a personal consultation.

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